Student Support Services

At Hobart City High School student welfare and learning are closely allied.

Classroom teachers are committed to promoting the wellbeing of their students and recognise that their relationship with students is a significant factor in any learning situation. They are supported in this by Homeroom Teachers, who are responsible for the day-to-day welfare of students in their Home Group.

Further support is provided by our Student Support Team, which meets regularly to review the learning and social and emotional development needs of our students. Teachers and parents may refer children to our Student Support Team. Students with additional needs are provided with various supports, including, if appropriate, an individual learning plan.

Our Learning Support Team provides support for the varying learning needs of our students. Some of this support is delivered in the Learning Centre. Other support is provided through modified learning programs within mainstream classes.

Student Support Team Members

Assistant Principal – Wellbeing and Community Engagement

This staff member is responsible for the overall coordination of student support services across the school.

AST Culture, Access, Participation, Student Support.

One senior staff member at each campus provides interventions and support to students experiencing barriers to full engagement in school life.

AST Inclusive Practice

One senior staff member at each campus coordinates the design and provision of educational adjustments and support for learners with disability. These senior staff members also provide advice to subject teachers in planning for differentiated learning for all students.

Grade Team Leaders

Each year level has two Grade Team Leaders who along with the Assistant Principal are responsible for coordinating pastoral care and behaviour support of students in their year group.

Support Teachers

Experienced teachers are assigned to coordinate the various services and interventions for students who are experiencing learning difficulties or require support to be extended beyond the curriculum. The support teacher facilitates communication with parents when specific interventions are being considered.

Teacher Assistants

A team of Teacher Assistants support specific programs and interventions to enhance student learning.

School Psychologists

We have school psychologists at each campus advising students and teachers on ways to improve learning and student wellbeing.

Social Workers

We have social workers at each campus to support students and families with a range of matters relating to wellbeing.

School Nurses

A school nurse at each campus provides advice and counselling in a range of adolescent health matters.

Aboriginal Education Officer

Our Aboriginal Education Officer provides learning support and specific cultural education programs for Aboriginal students at our school.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Tutor

Recent arrivals to Australia receive EAL support by a qualified and experienced EAL tutor if required.