School Association

Hobart City High School Association


The Hobart City High School Association is the link between the priorities and needs of our school and the needs of our community. Parents and carers of students at Hobart City High School are automatically members of the Association, and are welcome to come along to our monthly meetings.


After elections in March 2022 the first ever Hobart City High School Association Committee was formed. Our Committee members are:

Melinda Maddock, Chair

Kathryn Deeley, Deputy Chair

Diana Godwin, Treasurer

Claire Bryan, Secretary

Kate Gross

Bron Ristow

Sara Mulholland (staff)

Therese Smith (staff)

and Lead Principal, Deb Day


We have developed a Strategic Plan that will guide our work for the next two years.


Hobart City High School Association Strategic Plan 2022-24


Our purpose

To build a connected school community that encourages families to participate and support our school and our learners.


Our vision

A vibrant, diverse and inclusive school community that works with the school to enable our young people to flourish.


Our values

We support the school’s values of Aspiration, Respect, Courage and Growth, and add our own values to guide our behaviour and decision-making:

  • Collaboration – we work together with integrity to make a difference
  • Compassion – we embrace equity and treat each other with respect
  • Optimism – we are proud of our school and we lead by example


Our goals

In the next two years we will work towards achieving our goals.

  1. Engagement: Create an informed and engaged school community.
  2. Input: Provide valuable input into the plans and policies of the school.
  3. Support: Support the school’s priorities through partnerships and fundraising.



In the next six months we will focus on:

  • Implementing the HCHSA Engagement Strategy and improving communication with families.
  • Providing input into a range of plans and policies including the Uniform Policy, Behaviour Management Policy, and the Review of the School Improvement Plan (SIP).
  • Creating an action plan and decision criteria for school priority projects and requests.